The OK Tarot


Who are you and what is this?

My name is Adam J. Kurtz and I'm an artist and author in Brooklyn, NY. I made the OK Tarot deck as a fun project because I was interested in tarot and just had the idea for a super-simple deck that takes all the old white dudes and religion out to make a cute little deck that leaves interpretation up to you.

OK cool when can I buy it?

You can order it right now on this website. Orders will ship October 2018.

When will it ship? How will it ship? Do you ship worldwide? Why is international postage so expensive?

The decks will not ship until October 2018. There is a limited number for the first printing and I just want to make sure it can be a fair, first-come first-served situation. Your order reserves your deck! Please provide an address at checkout that will be accessible to you in October.

Orders will ship via United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class or Priority Mail, depending on the total package weight. Your cost will be added at checkout based on your delivery country. International costs are somewhat high because of the way USPS prices their International First Class packages – the price doubles when you cross the 8oz threshold, as these decks do. I'm sorry but there is not a cheaper option available to me as a small independent artist who doesn't have access to massive volume discount shipping, like how Amazon.com does.

Wait aren't you the guy who made that book? That I saw on instagram? Don't you have a shop full of other stuff too? 

Yeah! I am the author of several fun books and some stationery too. I have an instagram that i post to all the time. I do have another primary online shop for pins, patches, and other things. This website is specifically for the tarot decks, since they're not going to be ready until October and I want to make sure these orders get special treatment. Thanks!