The OK Tarot


Who are you and what is this?

My name is Adam J. Kurtz and I'm an artist and author in Brooklyn, NY. I made the OK Tarot deck as a fun project because I was interested in tarot and just had the idea for a super-simple deck that takes all the old white dudes and religion out to make a cute little deck that leaves interpretation up to you.

OK cool when can I buy it?

Come and get it! The OK Tarot is in stock and shipping worldwide. 

When will it ship? How will it ship? Do you ship worldwide? 

Decks are available directly from me at shop.adamjk.com, as well as partners like BuyOlympia and Amazon.com. International shipping is available.

Wait aren't you the guy who made that book? That I saw on instagram? Don't you have a shop full of other stuff too? 

Yeah! I am the author of several fun books and some stationery too. I have an instagram that i post to all the time. I do have another primary online shop for pins, patches, and other things. This website is specifically for the tarot decks, since they're not going to be ready until October and I want to make sure these orders get special treatment. Thanks!